My Books

I Wish I Could Fly

Molly has always wished she could fly like a bird. She daydreams about being able to swoop high and low in the sky. She has big floppy ears which look a bit like wings but she’s never been able to take off.

Felix – The Small Boy with the BIG Imagination

Felix is a small boy with a BIG imagination and he loves dressing up. What will Felix dress up as today? Will he be a deep-sea diver, an astronaut 
or a rock climber? Join Felix on his imaginary adventures and find out what’s hiding in his enormous dressing up box!

Wendy and the Biscuit Tree

Wendy wished she wasn’t the smallest giraffe in the woods. She was tired of being teased by her friends and fed up of not being tall enough to reach the good fruit at the top of the trees. But one day, Wendy discovers an enormous biscuit tree which means she will never go hungry again. But what happens when Wendy gets a bit too greedy? Do Wendy’s friends come to help her? Join Wendy on her journey in this wonderful tale about discovery and friendship.