When she was young

Lorna McCann grew up in rural Shropshire and was educated at the Burton Borough School in Newport. From an early age, she spent her time writing, making up stories and scribbling them down in one of her many notebooks. The rest of the time Lorna could be found outside climbing trees, splashing in muddy puddles, playing football or building all sorts of things out of anything she could find in her father’s garage.

When she was older

After leaving school Lorna’s love of the outdoors inspired her to study for a Geography degree at the University of Nottingham. A few years after graduating she returned to her love of writing, trained to become a journalist and began her professional career as a newspaper reporter. Lorna wrote for various regional newspaper titles across the UK before moving into the PR industry writing content for a range of media and specialist publications.

Present day

Lorna became a published author in 2016 with her first book ‘Wendy and the Biscuit Tree’. She was inspired to start writing creatively after becoming a mummy to her two young boys. Her second book ‘Felix – the small boy with the BIG imagination’ was published in December 2017 and Lorna is currently working on more titles. As well as being an author, Lorna also runs her own PR company and works with many independent authors, championing their work and raising their profile in the media.

Five things you didn’t know about Lorna:

  • She once won a trophy for her fishing skills
  • She is one of just a few people to have ever flown over the top of Buckingham Palace
  • She loves collecting pebbles
  • She held the school record for best javelin thrower for many years
  • She loves splashing in muddy puddles!