Shropshire Author Visit Prompts Ideas for Primary School Lessons

Author visits in school can be a great way for teachers to introduce new and exciting topics or projects to their class. It can also provide the inspiration for several themed follow-up activities with pupils.

This is exactly what happened when Shropshire children’s author Lorna McCann paid a visit to a Reception and Year 1 class during National Science Week.

Getting Started

Lorna talked to the children about her work as an author and used props from her ‘ideas bag’ to demonstrate what inspires her to write. She spoke to the children about the creative process involved with writing a book, from editing to illustrations and answered questions from the children.

She then read from her new book ‘Felix – The small boy with the BIG Imagination’ and got children to dress up in different costumes just like Felix. The children loved being involved in the story-telling and couldn’t wait to find out what he was going to dress up as next!

After the book reading Lorna talked about ‘Felix – the deep sea diver’ and what he might see during his adventures to The Great Barrier Reef. Pupils watched a short video clip and looked at some coral reef pictures.


Coral Reef in a Jar

The children then helped Lorna to create a coral reef in a jar and discussed the different types of animals and sea life they might discover under the water.

Lorna also showed children different plastics and talked about how plastics in the water can be harmful to marine life. She then shared some interesting facts about plastic pollution.


Author Visit Inspires Follow-up Lessons

The pupils were so engaged with Lorna’s visit that the Class 1 teacher decided to continue exploring with Felix in lessons throughout the rest of National Science Week.

Felix became the inspiration for a coral reef wall display and children went on to learn more about the different animals and habitats of the Great Barrier Reef and explore the impact of plastics on this environment.


If you’re a primary school teacher looking for ways to inspire and engage pupils in a new topic or project then consider booking an author visit to your school. Author visits can help encourage reading and writing, ignite young imaginations, build confidence, improve language and expand literary knowledge.

For more information on what Lorna’s visits entail visit the Author Visits page here or email for more information.


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