Feeling the joys of spring!

It could be a little warmer but I won’t complain as the spring sunshine has put a bounce in my step and got me feeling all excited.

With longer, sunnier and hopefully hotter days to look forward to I love this time of year as I always feel like I’m going to get SO much more done.

More running, more walking, more cycling, more DIY, more gardening – you name it – Spring is here and there’s no stopping me now!

It would seem another thing to add to this list is more writing and it would appear that this is the thing happening most at the moment.

Inspired by numerous children during my World Book Day visits I have somehow managed to start penning my next book.

Surprised? Me too!

As you know, writing my first book Wendy and the Biscuit Tree came about because of a promise I made to my two young boys. Honestly, I never thought there would be a second.

Truth is, I’ve had such a magical time these last few months sharing my book with so many children that they have inspired me to want to write more.  I’ve been overwhelmed by their creativity and their own ideas for stories. Oh, how I wish I was five-years-old again!

In return, I hope my book and school visits have helped to inspire some children to enjoy reading and writing a little bit more. After all, the very point of World Book Day is about sharing our passions and enjoyment for reading, writing and storytelling!

Look out for updates on book NUMBER TWO!

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