The perfect match

So, the last few weeks have been spent focusing on finding the perfect venue for my book launch. I had considered approaching the local library but wanted something a bit less formal where guests could sit and drink tea and the children could eat biscuits (although not too many of course!). So when I overheard a colleague talking about a new family-run children’s bookshop in Shrewsbury called Button & Bear I got rather excited.

It turns out this fantastic dedicated children’s bookshop not only has a coffee shop inside but also a woodland themed storytelling room. How much more perfect does it get?

So, without hesitation, I dropped owner Louise Chadwick an email to introduce myself and tell her a little about my new book. I then waited. However, before long Louise responded inviting me along to the bookshop for a chat.

We met, we talked, I fell in love with Button & Bear and Louise said yes to hosting my book launch event.

So it’s all set – Wendy and the Biscuit Tree will be officially launched on November 26th at Button & Bear in the woodland themed storytelling room and I can’t wait!



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