Don’t ask me where or why!

Don’t ask me where on earth the name Wendy came from or indeed why she is a giraffe. I have absolutely no idea. I don’t think I even know anyone called Wendy. I guess that’s the beauty of imagination. There doesn’t have to be a reason and it doesn’t have to make all that much sense.

It was obviously the first animal and name that popped into my head when my eldest son, who was almost three at the time, asked me to tell him and his younger brother a story.

We must have been out, travelling in the car or something (I don’t remember exactly) but I’d forgotten to pack any books. It didn’t matter too much though as I was quite used to making up stories for the boys. It’s something we did often.

And so I began…

“Once upon a time there was a giraffe called Wendy.”

And that was it. There was now going back now. I had their attention and they both had their very best ‘listening ears’ on which meant I had to carry on.

I had no idea what this giraffe called Wendy was going to get up to but I had to think fast. Like most little boys at toddler age, my eldest was very energetic and liked to eat – lots!

I vividly remember quite a long ‘phase’ when he wanted MORE of everything to eat, including the things like biscuits and cakes etc that should only ever be eaten in moderation. So here was my chance to try and get the message across and teach him that being greedy and eating too much of the wrong thing is not good for you.

And so the story unfolded. Wendy discovers an enormous biscuit tree and faced with every kind of biscuit she could imagine what did she do? Ate them all course and gave herself terrible tummy ache.

From that day on whenever my boys wanted MORE biscuits or MORE of anything for that matter, I was able to remind them what happened to Wendy. It meant I wasn’t having to say no to them all the time and they quickly learned not to be greedy

Both my boys loved the imaginary tale of Wendy and the magical biscuit tree so much that they asked for it time and time again and so that’s when I made them a PROMISE. I promised that one day I would turn Wendy and the Biscuit Tree into a book so that they could read it themselves and look at the pictures.

And so, my journey into self-publishing began!

Keep a check on my blog to see how my journey unfolds.

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